1. Cut spring onions in julienne.
2. Mix couscous with raisins, spring onions and place in a bowl. Pour boiling stock on top and let it rest. The couscous is ready when it has absorbed all the stock.
3. Roast the rack of lamb until golden brown and medium-rare.
4. Place the couscous salad on the plate, lean the rack of lamb against it and as a garnish and add the Mezzini Oven-Roasted Golden Wedges as a garnish.

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Rack of lamb with couscous salad


Main course 4 persons


450 ml Vegetable stock
400 gr Rack of lamb, cutted
400 gr Couscous
100 gr Mezzini Oven Roasted Golden Wedges
50 gr Raisins
50 gr Spring onion

Oven roasted Golden wedges